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   Make-up, Hair and Styling by AZB Styling  Make-up provided by Urban Decay  Modeling by the beautiful Leila


Make-up, Hair and Styling by AZB Styling

Make-up provided by Urban Decay

Modeling by the beautiful Leila



My Raw Inspiration: The Neon Sign Boneyard

The Neon Sign Boneyard inspires me. I had been wanting to visit here for decades. It was even more beautiful than I could have imagined. Nothing inspires me like colors that are naturally faded by the sun into de-saturated ombres. Breathtakingly gorgeous, raw and inspiring. I am obsessed with Americana.

This photo above is one of my favorites..

This photo above is one of my favorites..

Looking for a Smile... Check out Diamond Doodles

Diamond Doodles is a new art concept born from the imagination of Hannah Becker. Hannah creates art from loose gemstones in fun, clever doodles that always make me smile. I first met Hannah at GIA as she was a student there who I had the pleasure of mentoring. It is such a joy to see her pave the way with her new break-through art. To see more art, be sure to follow Hannah on Instagram at @diamondoodles.


Here are some of Hannah's fun art pieces

inspired by the nurturing JJ Number 8

lifestyle and its marquise gemstones.

   So appropriate because I was just snorkeling with turtles last week!


So appropriate because I was just snorkeling with turtles last week!


Get to know Hannah and learn more

about Diamond Doodles in this interview:

1. How did you get into doing Diamond Doodles?

I started Diamondoodles during my down time while working in production for Gumuchian. I would be making parcels of stones and would become inspired by the abstracted shapes they would take on during the sorting process. After the first dozen or so doodles, I started seeking out stones in the office that I wanted to use for drawings. 

2. How long have you been doing it?

I have been making the doodles and posting them to Instagram since July of 2014. Initially I posted the doodles to my personal account; and in September, I realized the doodles needed their own account - @diamondoodles

What inspires you?

I draw inspiration from all over the place.  Some days it's the stones I have to work with that give me direction; the color or shape will remind me of something and the drawing jumps off from there. Other times I think "Can I make (blank) out of stones?" and then hunt around and do a few sketches to get the right set up. 

What do you love most about JJ Number 8 jewelry?

I love the beauty in the simplicity of the JJ Number 8 pieces. The marquise cut has been given a new life in the pieces and really demonstrates great grace and balance in JJ Number 8 jewelry. What's not to love about the juicy colors in this playful stack?

Proud Supporter of Heroes for Children

We are proud to support the charity Heroes for Children. Heroes for Children advocates for and provides financial and social assistance to families battling cancer. Help the cause by buying a $25 raffle ticket and a chance to win beautiful JJ Number 8 jewelry. 

Our vision is that no family with a child battling cancer will fight alone.

Find out more here at


Downton Abbey Wins at the SAG Awards...

We are so happy and celebrating that Downton Abbey won at last night's SAG awards for Outstanding Performance. Did you know that Joanne Froggatt who plays the character of Anna, the Lady's Maid to Mary Crawley, loves marquise gemstones? Here she is last night wearing her marquise engagement ring in the "hand-cam" from the SAG awards. This east-west setting is gorgeous and one of my favorites. The marquise gemstone has a beautiful, timeless elegance and sophistication- it's the essence of JJ Number 8 jewelry and what excites and inspires me as an artist. Congratulations Joanne and Downton Abbey. 

Interview with Jennie Urman from "Jane the Virgin," Golden Globe Winning TV Show

I am launching a new series called Celebrating Women to celebrate women who inspire me. I think there is nothing more powerful or important than women cheering on and supporting other women. I kick off the series with Jennie Urman. She is the Showrunner and in charge of the hit new TV series "Jane the Virgin." 

Watch "Jane the Virgin" on Mondays at 9pm (8pm Central) on the CW network. 

Celebrating Women Series: Meet Jennie Urman, Showrunner of the hit TV show "Jane the Virgin"

Every Lady Needs To Know Her Ring Size

We all love Beyonce's jam, "If he liked it then he should have put a ring on it." But what if he didn't "put a ring on it" because he actually just didn't know your ring size? 

Every lady needs to know her ring size. If you don't know yours, it's important to go out and get your fingers sized. I recommend knowing the ring sizes for all of the fingers on your hand. That includes your: ring finger, middle finger, pointer finger and pinkie. You never know which finger you're going to want to put a new bauble on! Also keep in mind that the fingers on your left hand can be a slightly different size than those on your right hand. 

It's important to know your ring size so that you're always prepared for that special moment. And trust me, your man will thank you too. It will make his life sooooo much easier.