California Scene Paintings

It was such an honor and inspiration to see the California Scene Paintings that will be donated to the new Hilbert Museum in their original curated state at the estate of the collectors last night. To meet and experience the vision and passion of the collectors was so inspiring. 

The art is beautiful and captures the work of gifted artists including Michael Sheets, Phil Dike and so many more. These paintings captured my imagination because I am obsessed with Americana. These paintings capture Americana and serve as a pictorial narrative of the state of California. Plus I love that there is humanity in the art. 

These California Scene Paintings- works that include people or evidence of human life via man-made objects such as cars, trains, barns, freeways, coastline piers- were widely popular before the war, but weren't considered important enough to merit attention from large museums and art critics until very recently. 

Here are a few of the beautiful pieces that will be on display at the Hilbert Museum opening Fall 2015.

Support the arts and artists. Beauty surrounds us.