Looking for a Smile... Check out Diamond Doodles

Diamond Doodles is a new art concept born from the imagination of Hannah Becker. Hannah creates art from loose gemstones in fun, clever doodles that always make me smile. I first met Hannah at GIA as she was a student there who I had the pleasure of mentoring. It is such a joy to see her pave the way with her new break-through art. To see more art, be sure to follow Hannah on Instagram at @diamondoodles.


Here are some of Hannah's fun art pieces

inspired by the nurturing JJ Number 8

lifestyle and its marquise gemstones.

   So appropriate because I was just snorkeling with turtles last week!


So appropriate because I was just snorkeling with turtles last week!


Get to know Hannah and learn more

about Diamond Doodles in this interview:

1. How did you get into doing Diamond Doodles?

I started Diamondoodles during my down time while working in production for Gumuchian. I would be making parcels of stones and would become inspired by the abstracted shapes they would take on during the sorting process. After the first dozen or so doodles, I started seeking out stones in the office that I wanted to use for drawings. 

2. How long have you been doing it?

I have been making the doodles and posting them to Instagram since July of 2014. Initially I posted the doodles to my personal account; and in September, I realized the doodles needed their own account - @diamondoodles

What inspires you?

I draw inspiration from all over the place.  Some days it's the stones I have to work with that give me direction; the color or shape will remind me of something and the drawing jumps off from there. Other times I think "Can I make (blank) out of stones?" and then hunt around and do a few sketches to get the right set up. 

What do you love most about JJ Number 8 jewelry?

I love the beauty in the simplicity of the JJ Number 8 pieces. The marquise cut has been given a new life in the pieces and really demonstrates great grace and balance in JJ Number 8 jewelry. What's not to love about the juicy colors in this playful stack?